5 Steps To Pick The Best Lawyer

Is it time to hire the “Best Lawyer”. Sounds easy? Read on to see our 5 tips.

Here Is 5 Tips On How To Pick The Best Lawyer

Step 1 – Create The List Of Lawyers From All The Available Resources

Personal Referrals: Speak to your close relatives, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone you trust.
Bar Association: Local State Bar Association will fetch you the complete bio-data of all the lawyers related to the field that you require the assistance. Online Consumer Reviews: Again, here you get to know the client’s ratings and their comments on that lawyer whose services they have availed.

Step 2 – Create The List Of The Questions For That First One-To-One Meeting

Look for lawyers that offer 1st consultations free of charge. Take maximum advantage of it!

Prepare a list of questions and make sure you get answers to all of them. Following is the set of questions that will take you one step further to pick up the best lawyer amidst the list:

Prospective Expenses: Here, the lawyer will be able to give you an approximate cost involved including his fees and other legal expenses. Confirm for any additional/hidden costs that are involved when the case is admitted in the court of law.

Field Of Proficiency: Has she handled cases that are similar to yours?

Case Manager: Who will be handling your case? Will you have access to the lawyer handling your case or will it be someone less experienced. Make sure someone will be on hand to keep you updated.

Case Priority: If the solicitor is handling many cases at one time, what will be your case priority? If your case requires priority and he cannot spare the time from other cases, despite being the best lawyer, ignore him.

Step 3 – Create The List Of Top 5/10 Shortlisted Lawyers

Narrow down your list of those lawyers who are satisfying almost all the questions. Yes, the list might be exhaustive. Now, at this step get answers to the following facts and create the list of Top 10 or Top 5 Lawyers who you find can handle your case.

Clarity: The best lawyer will give you the crystal clear feedback about your case. Along with all the positive points, he will put forth the list of negative points for which you require polishing or extra efforts to win.

Communication: Can you call your lawyer anytime during the case tenure concerning the case? Or will his assistant answer your queries? Do you have to make an appointment for every query? If there is no clarity on the communication mode, think twice before finalizing the lawyer.

Step 4 – Finally, Discuss The Consultation Charges Involved

Yes, this is the most important factor that will help you to finalize the Best Lawyer! A top graded internationally renowned lawyer will win the case, but can you afford him?

Opt for the services, which your pocket can bear

Get the entire estimate in writing

Without fail, secure the maximum limit of all the unwarranted costs involved in the entire tenure of the case.

If your case is related to the percentage of compensation, even the lawyer will demand a certain percentage as his fee. Get absolute clarity about the percentage in advance to avoid future litigations.

Step 5 – Finalize The Best Lawyer

Last but not least – this step will confirm in finalizing the Best Lawyer. This step is directly related to certain traits that cannot be gauged physically or in terms of money.

Remember – “The Best Lawyer Will Always Put Forth The Pessimistic View Of Your Case In Advance”!


Exorbitantly Positive – Seldom will he find any negative points in your case

Hide Risks – Does not show the risks involved in your case

Modifies Relative Costs – Rarely will he tell you about all the costs involved in your case in advance.

Comfort Level – Are you psychologically comfortable in speaking about all the facts and figures about your case?

Disciplinary Action – From your sources get the information about any disciplinary action against the lawyer

There is nothing worse than having an attorney who won’t respond to your queries or hear your concerns.

Good luck.

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